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Shival ghai has worked with brides throughout the globe , from his makeup studio in delhi, shival is also a favorite make-up artist , in london asian community, for his ASIAN BRIDAL MAKE-UP concepts, to the Little India Districts in Singapore, where he is a registered make-up artist, and beauty consultant, as well as his make-up shows in Hong kong Beauty Expos.

"I believe in a NATURALLY-BEAUTIFUL BRIDE, gone are the days, when oodles of make-up, and white grey skin tone was the norm in bridal make-up, these days brides want to look great in minimal make-up, while still carrying a highly creative EYE-MAKE-UP, they do not mind the smokey eye, the glossy lips, a sheer luminous base. the use of lashes is now more popular, brides are now more confident then ever in trying out new things in make-up."

One of the most innovative, and efficient forms of make-up in the decade, shival has mastered and spread the art of airbrush make-up, throughout the indian make-up fraternity, "Airbrush make-up is basically, a layer of second skin, waterproof, and smudgeproof, sweatproof, hides any imperfections without any build-up of product , and doesnt need any touch-ups."

airbrush make-up basically comes in alchohol , water base medium, and silicon base medium,

Silicon Base Medium is one of the best make-up media for Brides, silicon mimics the skin very well, sticks to the skin pores, without clogging them, silicon doesnt dry the skin further or damage the outer layers, it has high coverage, and long life.
2013 Shival Ghai